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Uniform (Do Bohk), Belt (Dee) and badges


The do bohk (suit) is the most important piece of equipment for training in Tang Soo Do.  It consists of a jacket, trouser and a belt (dee). “Do” means way of life, as in Tang Soo Do. “Bohk” means robe or clothes.  

The colour is traditionally white, representing purity, sincerity, peace and initiation.  White is also the most difficult to maintain, and keeping it clean trains us in devotion and sincerity.  A high degree of cleanliness should always be maintained.

Please note that the Korean flag (Tae Keuk Ki) badge, sewn on the left arm, has the red (Yang) section on top, and blue (Um) section at the bottom.
The Union (UK) flag is sewn on the right arm.

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