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Welcome to Cherry Hinton Tang Soo Do's brand new website, it is currently under construction so bare with us. Make sure to check back soon to see any updates. 

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About Cherry Hinton Tang Soo Do 

For all adults of all ages and juniors from 7 years upwards.
Our club is family orientated with an emphasis on discipline and respect.

Classes are taught in a formal style and consist of a warm up, drills for hand and foot combinations, pad work, hyungs, one step sparring, self defence, free sparring, and weapons.

Tang Soo Do is traditional martial art with the emphasis on focus and control.


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Miss Zoe started teaching at Cherry Hinton in March 2023. She started training in 2007

Miss Zoe Halliday

3rd Dan Black Belt

Master Halliday is a co-founder of Cherry Hinton Tang Soo Do and started training in 2003. 

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4th Dan Master

Master Bill Halliday


07794 333803  |

Cherry Hinton Village Leisure Centre, 

Colville Road, Cambridge, CB1 9EJ


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